Friday Bounce from Kampala: Jose Chameleone

John Kakooza, 14 years

John Kakooza, 14 years

Continuing our education in what our kids are listening to in Bwaise, Kampala, today's Friday Bounce is 'Wale-wale' by Jose Chameleone.

John  was hit by a lorry on the way home from school and the driver drove off and left him on the side of the road.

Thankfully he is now out of hospital but a quite battered and bruised. Thank you to everyone that has offered to help, we'll keep you up to date on his progress.

This is his favourite tune - get well soon John.

Friday bounce from Kampala: Agaliko TIP Swizy featuring Super Lady

Today's tune was chosen Brandon Sseange (with the help of his friends Diana and Jane).

Agaliko TIP Swizy featuring Super Lady:


This is Brandon & his dog 'Samantha'.

My last conversation with Brandon went:

Brandon: 'This is my dog'

Me: 'Whats her name?'

Everyone else: <creasing up in laughter> 'Why would a dog have a name?!!'

Brandon: <serious/thinking> 'Its Samantha'.

This still makes me laugh smile :-D

Happy Friday folks x


Brandon and his dog

Brandon and his dog

Friday bounce from Kampala: Eddy Kenzo

When I explained to our friends in Kampala thats we're having a party for Awamu with music and dancing I was asked if I would be playing their favorite tunes. So I figured Friday was the perfect time to introduce to the tunes our kids listen to in Bwaise.

This cracker was selected by Dianne who you can see below.

I should tell you that everyone says Dianne was born dancing. From the first day I met her (when she was just a toddler) it doesn't matter where she is or who is there, or even if there is any music, she always has a new dance routine to show you.

Diana has selected Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo:

This is Diana (centre) when we visited her in reception class last year: