Good bye Together 2019 - you were truly wonderful

As if by magic (and a lot of heavy lifting), it was all over for another year!

We’ll report back on what you’ve helped to raise very soon but wanted to give huge thanks to everyone who helped to make this our favourite Together yet!

All our love and gratitude to Andrew and Astrid for all your support and sharing your beautiful farm with us for the weekend – it just wouldn’t be the same anywhere else.

Roll call of stars: Mairead, Adam and Cooper, Jon, Alex, Hannah, Tara (and her whole family and team for the non-stop children's entertainment), the unstoppable Terry, Vannie, Tom, Trish (and family and friends!), Jane, Trish and Ian, Melissa, Pablo, Adam and Glen (and all their family!), Kirsty, Simon, Duck and Gemma, Stuart, Maria, Steve Glyn, Sarah Fletcher, Jem Shackleford, Andy Smith, Olivia and Paul, Anna Roebuck, Stuart Mansfield, Hugo, Hannah and the Hoi Polloi crew!

Then of course... Jarvo, Fergus, Pete (and their families!) for giving us power and twinkly, pretty lights. Doug, Sophie and team for giving us amazing sound. Jasper, Colin and team for ensuring there was always a great selection of drinks available.

Everyone that volunteered for a bar, café, carpark, box office or toilet and bins shift!

Our lovely security (James and Sean), the lovely medics at Bucks Medical) and Phil at GDT fire for keeping us safe...and Pam for the best showers ever!

To all the incredible artists - Alex Crede, Alex Kirk, Andrea Nibbers, Animat, Bam Bam Sound, BiggaBush, Bobby Friction, Buckmeister Fresh, Carlito and Addiction, Charlotte Coupland, Cordelia Fellowes,DJ 1990s, DJ Catchi DJ Prime Cuts, DJ Tamsin, Dadhaus, Danny McLewin (Psychemagik), Del Gazeebo, Destiny Shore, Dialog, Digger, Digitonal, DJ Low Battery, Dj Sherrine, Dubwives, Echaskech, Elijah Minelli, Euphonique, Expensive Sh*t, Flevans Live Band, Infinite Scale, Jali Fily Cissokho, Jinjé Johnny Cash Converters, KERRANG-LYN, Kit Altin, Mach V, Matt Black , MC Mad Rush, Misled Convoy, Nettie, Polyop, Professor Elemental , Rex Domino, Ringo, Robot Riddims, Rtmgsn, SCROTUM CLAMP, Sandy Martin, Simon Martin, Simon Strick, Stick in the Wheel, Terry Payman , Token Male, TwoManTing, Wrongtom, Yeti Bianco, and as always a massive thank you to all our friends at Purple Radio! And Michael Hodgson for hosting Super 7’s open decks.

To each and every one of you who made every moment feel so easy and wonderful...and old friends who were with us in spirit...

You’ve blown our minds and made our hearts swell...thank you all! ❤️🙏