Together 2020

Click to buy your tickets for 2020 now!

Click to buy your tickets for 2020 now!


You’ve helped to raise over £8000 this year!!! Bringing our total over the last four years up to a fantastic £63,000! THIS IS TRULY AMAZING!

This year we decided to go ahead despite being down on tickets sales, thinking that (with major life and family changes) it may be the last one and we should go out with a bang!

However, as soon as we got onsite and started the build we noticed that there was an extra special something in the air…we couldn’t quite put our finger on it but every moment from start to finish has been a total joy!

So many of you have said the same over the weekend, it’s as if Together has found a new stride.

In our hearts there is no doubt that Together should continue, so we’ve already been discussing ways to make it possible, and ensure every ones efforts also have maximum impact on the lives of children in Kampala! That is after all why we all commit our time to Together.

In order to go ahead in 2020, and ensure we hit our targets and can continue supporting children through school, we need sell at least *300 tickets by the end of the year.

We need you not only buy your tickets but also to find some new ‘converts’….

Part of what makes Together feel so special and safe is that everyone knows someone (we are all connected in some way!) and it has grown that way, without advertising or marketing widely.

So, if we can all bring a friend (or five!), then we can relax knowing that the vibe continues.

So our questions is, do you think this is something that you can do?

We realise buying tickets early is a huge commitment on your part – especially for families but we can only commit to another party if we know you’re all behind it early.

To give us a head start on next year we’ve put early bird tickets up for sale here including a special offer for families.

Just in case you needed a little reminder of this years party (or post-party-pick-me-up), here’s Del Gazeebo’s extra special set from this years party.

Listen up and let us know what you what you think. If you’re behind us, we’re ready to make sure 2020 smashes all expectations!

Lots of love and thanks for the support you give to women and children we work with in Kampala.

*we need to sell more than this but 300 will enable us to commit to our suppliers - book showers/loos/sound/light etc without a risk it’s gonna kill us!