Awamu Radio Kampala Ep.2: A Kampala Christmas tale

Click to listen to Ep.2 

Click to listen to Ep.2 

Here is a festive gift to thank you for all the support you given us. An extra special Christmas bonus episode from Awamu Radio freshly made for you by our team of young reporters in Kampala.

In the second episode of our new podcast series, Brandon, Tonny, Ibra and Latif talk about what Christmas means for children in their community:

from the excitement of preparing Christmas lunch, to the presents and treats they share and enjoy on Christmas Day. Then Tonny interviews Joshua about his big plan to rear pigs so he can buy a red bicycle.

Enjoy the show!

Your support through being part of Together makes a huge difference to the lives of children living in the poorest slum areas of Kampala, Uganda, including those whose voices you will hear in this show. Thank you.