Photo booth images and tickets for Together 2018 on sale

A big thank you to all of you for making Together 2017 such a success!

❤ Photo booth pictures are ready!

We’ve finally sifted through all the evidence from last years party (thousands and thousands of photos!) and, after a little light editing for decency, you can see them all in this film

We've saved all the individual photos for you here.

A massive thanks to our friend at Hoi Polloi for bringing the photo-booth (not to mention their gorgeous marquee and tons of other good stuff) that helped to make the party so special.

❤ Tickets for 2018

The time has come! Tickets for next year's party are avallable now.
There are early-bird tickets available for those that need them but please remember if you miss out that every penny we make goes straight to where it's needed most, making sure our little friends in Kampala get a decent start in life.

❤ Finally, THANK YOU again!

Without your friendship, love, support snd contributions Together just would be able to happen.

We're already looking to dancing with you again in August 2018.