Dads, Dancing, smiles and thanks

Happy Father's Day to all the lovely Dads out there!

And THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a ticket for Together. Your support makes children like Opio smile like this.

4687432167_b6764065d7_o (1).jpg

When Opio’s father fell ill he sought Awamu's support. Shortly after we met him he passed away.

She was really sad and very quiet for a long time.

But our help meant she was able to enrol in school and she was also encouraged to join the dance club on Saturdays. She loves dancing.

Your support means we can continue to support Opio with school fees, uniform, books and pens, school dinners...and the confidence-boosting dance classes, which mean she is finally smiling again.

Please help us spread the word and make Together a party to remember by inviting all your best friends and family.