Samizdat - too much boogie Together mix


Let us take you back... way, way, back...

Everybody's got the boogie and always has!

The boogie, along with the stomp and the Cuban clave, formed the foundations of much of the music we listen and dance to today.

Beat-up barrelhouse pianos were being pounded in the Louisiana bayou and in Texas back in the 1870s, Beethoven channelled the boogie as far back as the 1820s and exploded in the 1940s.

Aural historian and selector Samizdat has made us this special mix - a rocking and rolling excursion through the 1940s to the 1960s, from Memphis to Skaville on a steam-driven boogie train.

Look out for more gems from his extensive vaults at Together 2018.



Together 2018 workshop: Yoga with Abby Worth

The amazing and bendy Abby Worth will be back with at Together this year to lead our morning yoga classes in the great outdoors.

Abby's classes are open to anyone and everyone, kids and grown-ups.

Expect a nourishing, down-to-earth yoga flow with a focus on the breath and some sweet, sweet muscle releases. Perfect to get the body energised and radiant for the day ahead (and for soothing any sore heads from the night before).

All levels and ages very welcome.

Bring your mat or blanket and meet at the main stage at 10.00am.



Together 2018 workshops: Poetry and SLAM

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 13.20.40.png

New to Together 2018, this special workshop will be focusing on the idea of ‘heroes’, poets Kerry Priest, Antonia Eastwood and Jackie Juno will show you how to find your unique voice and writing style.

They’ll teach you a little about performance and breathing techniques that will help your words get heard.

The workshop and SLAM are open to all – young, old, amateurs, professionals and ‘never even considered it befores’. Please just come prepared to share.

The workshop will be followed by a poetry SLAM, if you took part in the workshop and feel ready to share you can take part for a chance to compete for the coveted Together SLAM Champion title!

Together 2018 workshops: Meditation

If you can breathe, you can meditate. And it feels more powerful when whole groups get together as a community (traditionally called a sangha).

To celebrate our temporary Together weekend community we are planning a mass meditation with Jem Shackleford  at the main stage on Saturday morning. So come along, stop, breathe and tune into a sense of belonging, friendship and community.

Jem will also be offering a workshop for adults who wish to practice during the weekend. These will be simple breathing with compassion practise.

Whether you’ve never sat on a cushion before or just got back from a 5-year retreat in Tibet: all levels of experience are welcomed. You just have to be there. 

Check out the schedule will send round before the festival and board on site to make sure you don't miss it. 

Jem will also be running a workshop for children. Through plenty of fun activities, we will explore ways to engage and focus the attention. 

More line up news

We're thrilled to confirm that we've added even more amazing artists to the line up: 

DJ Tamsin, Soul Flip, Sherrine, Infinite Scale, Drones of Kayhem, Nonsuch DJs, Wrong Tom, Dr Trippy and Emily Richardson are set to join us for a sizzling weekend of music, fun and sun! 

Check out the full line-up here, even more to follow soon!