Photo booth pictures from Together 2018 - is that you?!

What happens in the photo booth at Together, does not stay in the photo booth!

We've just added heavily edited selection of photos to our Instagram account here.

Together 2018 photos

The first little taste of our Together 2018 photos,

From Stuart Mansfield, Hoi Polloi,

We party with purpose

First, a few words from Florence who joined us from Kampala:

Wow! I’m so impressed by the hard work put in by everyone involved.
Together has bought so many different people together in one place – connecting through music and through actions of the heart to my community in Kampala.
I hope we can grow the Together family that you have created - thank you for making me feel part of your family.

It is with hearts full of gratitude and admiration and that we can announce that you have (once again!) helped to raise over £20,000 for Awamu’s work in Uganda.

These life-changing funds will be put straight to work in Kampala, making sure children like Mirembe Tracy get an education, are healthy (not hungry!) and be part of a family that loves them.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped to make Together 2018 such a memorable weekend.

And, because we also want to give back to the community where we hold Together, we gave all our left-over food and drink to the brilliant One Can Trust food bank in High Wycombe and will shortly be making a donation to their work helping people who need emergency food aid in the local area.

Webale Nyo (Means 'Thank you very much in L'uganda') 

Big love from everyone at Together and Awamu  

P.S. you can see our first set of photos here. Please share your photos/films with us - we love to see what you've been up to!


Together 2018 programme

One week to go!!! 

You can download the *programme of events here. Please print a copy or download to your phone so you don’t miss anything.

We’ll also be chalking up schedules in each venue and flagging any last minute changes over the weekend so keep an eye peeled.

Don't forget to read all the essential information - have a fabulous party!


Updated: 31/07/18

Samizdat - too much boogie Together mix


Let us take you back... way, way, back...

Everybody's got the boogie and always has!

The boogie, along with the stomp and the Cuban clave, formed the foundations of much of the music we listen and dance to today.

Beat-up barrelhouse pianos were being pounded in the Louisiana bayou and in Texas back in the 1870s, Beethoven channelled the boogie as far back as the 1820s and exploded in the 1940s.

Aural historian and selector Samizdat has made us this special mix - a rocking and rolling excursion through the 1940s to the 1960s, from Memphis to Skaville on a steam-driven boogie train.

Look out for more gems from his extensive vaults at Together 2018.